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spring-boot-starter 2.1.2-SNAPSHOT

Michele Mauro

I have a problem in a project where org.mybatis.spring.boot:mybatis-spring-boot-starter:2.1.1 is holding back a dependency upgrade because it uses org.springframework:spring-jdbc:5.1.10.RELEASE that is incompatible with the 5.2.4-RELEASE Spring version we are upgrading to.

I tried the org.mybatis.spring.boot:mybatis-spring-boot-starter:2.1.2-SNAPSHOT and it works fine (it brings a more compatible org.springframework:spring-jdbc:5.2.3.RELEASE to the table).

I was wondering, are there any plans for a 2.1.2 release? 

There seem to be just a couple of dependency upgrades to do in the milestone: https://github.com/mybatis/spring-boot-starter/milestone/22. Are there any plans to close them?

By the way, 402 seems already done in master (from what I read in the pom). Is 403 any harder? If someone can tell me if something else is needed besides bumping the version and checking that CI passes, I can give it a shot (and maybe correct the typo at line 193, too).

Thanks in advance,

Michele Mauro

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