mybatis-cdi out of beta for 1.0.0 GA release

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mybatis-cdi out of beta for 1.0.0 GA release


We are pleased to announce the release out of beta for mybatis-cdi 1.0.0.

Most recent work included in GA.
  • All passivation/serialization issues were resolved.
  • Docs are up to date
  • Tested with major Containers:
    • Payara 4.1 (Glassfish 4.1)
    • TomEE 7.0.1 Plus
    • Wildfly 10.1.0
    • WAS Liberty with Java EE 7 Full Platform
    • Oracle WebLogic 12c
  • There are no more open issues.
  • Clarification about not supporting cdi 1.0 is in the README.
  • Link off README for sample mybatis cdi.

Thank you,

Mybatis team

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