mybatis batch insert not writing back id

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mybatis batch insert not writing back id

Rookiy Tan
I was using mybatis-spring to batch insert a list of objects into mysql.

Something like this:

<insert id="batchCreate" useGeneratedKeys="true" keyProperty="id" parameterType="java.util.ArrayList">
    INSERT INTO Customer(name, address, sex, created, updated)
<foreach collection="list" item="item" separator=",">
       (#{}, #{item.address}, #{}, now(), now())
    address = VALUES(address),
    sex = VALUES(sex),
    updated = now()

When I call the mapper method, only the very first object of my list will be writed back with a id, rest of the items' id is still null.

After I remove the ON DUPLICATE KEY part , everything works fine.

I wonder if it's a bug or an intentionally design, how can i meet my needs with the unique key and id. 

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