TypeHandlerRegistry and enum type handlers

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TypeHandlerRegistry and enum type handlers

Nicolai Willems
Hello mybatis

I'm having some thoughts about the TypeHandlerRegistry

First of all, when dealing with Enum's it would be nice if that could
be overrideable.
As for now(See line 133) a "static" link to the EnumTypeHandler is
created. This also means that you
can't override who handles Enums.
I think this could be solved by introducing some magic constant(could
be java.lang.Enum) added to the
handler-map, where the Enum type handler would be registered by
default - then you could in your
TypeHandler section of your configuration, say that SomeTypeHandler
should handle

So on line 133 instead of:
    handler = new EnumTypeHandler(type);
It could read:
    handler = TYPE_HANDLER_MAP.get(java.lang.Enum.class).get(null);

This approach only leaves a minor thing about supplying the type to the handler.
If on the other hand the handler map shouldn't be polluted by this
enum stuff, it could be stored
as a private final variable as for UNKNOWN, that approach just leaves
the check to the registering-
mechanism: check if supplied type is java.lang.Enum.class, then set
the enum handler field.

Secondly, why on earth are every type handler instantiated more than
once? This seems a bit
inconsistent, since UNKNOWN_TYPE_HANDLER, is used to handle the following types:
* Object
* Object, Jdbc.UNKNOWN
* Jdbc.OTHER

This seems like a lot of overhead, or am I on a totally wrong track here?

I hope this feedback is helpful
/Nicolai W.