Mybatis mapper using @SessionScope error

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Mybatis mapper using @SessionScope error

I have a SpringBoot application and run with mybatis

here is the mapper 

    public interface AccountMapper {
        @Insert("insert into dc_account(identification,nickname,username,password) values (#{identification},#{nickname},#{username},#{password})")
        public int insert(Account account);
        @Update("update dc_account set identification=#{identification},nickname=#{nickname},username=#{username},password=#{password}")
        public int update(Account account);

        @Select("select * from dc_account where username=#{username} and password=#{password}")
            id = "account",
            value = {
                @Result(property = "identification", column = "identification"),
                @Result(property = "nickname", column = "nickname"),
                @Result(property = "username", column = "username"),
                @Result(property = "password", column = "password")   
        Account select(Account account);


Account class

@SessionScope(proxyMode = ScopedProxyMode.TARGET_CLASS)
public class Account{
    int identification;
    String nickname;
    String username;
    String password;
//getter and setter


AccountMapper accountMapper;
Account account;
    Account login(
        @RequestParam("username")String username,
        @RequestParam("password")String password){
            return account;

and when i enter localhost:8080/login?username=1&password=1

it report error message of 
enter image description here

But if i remove the @SessionScope annotation of Account class, everything works fine.

Why is causing this problem?Can anyone give me some advice?

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