MyBatis autocommit sequence questions

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MyBatis autocommit sequence questions

Jon C

I would like to understand how autocommit settings "stick" when they are set in MyBatis Java code.

In my mybatis-config.xml
   <environments default="any">
      <environment id="any">
        <transactionManager type="JDBC"/>
        <dataSource type="POOLED">
          <property name="defaultAutoCommit" value="true"/>  <!--Put here intentionally, so we know how we start -->

The java code flows in this (pseudo-code) sequence:
        openSession();   -1
some sql-1  // These are discrete sql statements and should be committed individually since autocommit=true
some sql-n
//Now we get to part of functionality where multiple sql statements should be treated as a  transaction
        openSession(false);  -2      // Code should commit or rollback
some sql-1a
some sql-1n
         commit or rollback
//Now we get to functionality where each sql is an individual transaction
         openSession();   -3 

After openSession() -3, is the state autocommit=true or autocommit-false?

I could write code to try it myself, but your help would be buying me time, big time! So thanks.


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