Migrating an application that uses MyBatis 3.1.0

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Migrating an application that uses MyBatis 3.1.0

Tomás Ortí
An application is running with MyBatis 3.1.0.
I need to investigate if it is possible to migrate it a newer version.
And how much effort and time would it take.

The application was conceived using mybatis generator.
So, it is composed auto-generated XML and Java files. 
Although it also evolved using custom made Mapped statements.
So, it also has and custom XML files and POJOs.

I would appreciate some feedback about which are the main points a migration like this could come across.
Checking Github repository showed that many things have changed since version 3.1.0.
So it would be good to know if a newer version is backward compatible and any other issues that can arise.

Thanks you very much!!

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