Is it possible to use Oracle Wallet in MyBatis?

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Is it possible to use Oracle Wallet in MyBatis?

Tomás Ortí
Our customer is interested in using Oracle Wallet.
Which is a mechanism Oracle provides to manage database login credentials.
So the username & password are not provided in plain text but in two encrypted files stored in a secure location.

We are using our custom datasource, i.e., we do not use the three build-in dataSource types ([UNPOOLED|POOLED|JNDI]) documented here:

So, we rely on Oracle Universal Connection Pool (UCP), using oracle.ucp.jdbc.PoolDataSource;
Check these images to see how we customized it.


This is working fine, though we want to incorporate Oracle Wallet.
I am currently having difficulties in implementing a solution for it.
Has anyone tried this?

Best Regards.

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