Can I use 'autoMapping' with `discriminator` ?

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Can I use 'autoMapping' with `discriminator` ?

Sangpil BYUN
Can I use 'autoMapping' with `discriminator` ?
Without set global configuration `autoMappingBehaviro` to `FULL`.

like this.

<resultMap id="vehicleResult" type="Vehicle" autoMapping="true">
  <id property="id" column="id" />
  <discriminator javaType="int" column="vehicle_type">
    <case value="1" resultType="carResult" autoMapping="true" />
    <case value="2" resultType="truckResult" autoMapping="true" />
    <case value="3" resultType="vanResult" autoMapping="true" />
    <case value="4" resultType="suvResult" autoMapping="true" />

Thank you.

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