[Announcement] MyBatis Dynamic SQL Version 1.2.0

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[Announcement] MyBatis Dynamic SQL Version 1.2.0

Jeff Butler
I'm happy to announce that MyBatis Dynamic SQL version 1.2.0 is released. You can read the full release notes on GitHub here: https://github.com/mybatis/mybatis-dynamic-sql/releases/tag/mybatis-dynamic-sql-1.2.0 It will be available in Maven central shortly.

All releases have themes and it turns out that the major themes of this release are related to Kotlin and Spring support.

With this release the Kotlin DSL has been improved so that it has all the capabilities of the underlying Java DSL. It is amazing what you can accomplish with Kotlin - I'm a little obsessed with Kotlin right now :)

This release also includes significant enhancements for Spring NamedParameterJDBCTemplate and I will say that Spring support is now fully on par with support for MyBatis.

Jeff Butler

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