[ANNOUNCEMENT] mybatis-guice-1.0.0-RC4 released!

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] mybatis-guice-1.0.0-RC4 released!

Simone Tripodi
The MyBatis Guice team is pleased to announce the
mybatis-guice-1.0.0-RC4 release!

MyBatis Guice is an easy-to-use Google Guice bridge for MyBatis sql
mapping framework.

Changes in this version include:

New features:
o MyBatis dependency upgrated to 3.0.3

Fixed Bugs:
o Google Guice extension dependencies moved to 'compile' scope.

o Finalized XML MyBatis configuration support.
o Documented XML MyBatis configuration support.

o Removed the over engineered 'transactionfactory' package.

Have fun!
-Simo, on behalf of MyBatis Guice team