[ANNOUNCE] MyBatis Generator 1.4.0

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[ANNOUNCE] MyBatis Generator 1.4.0

Jeff Butler
This is a major release of the generator. Important themes include:
  • Kotlin support! There is a new runtime for generating Kotlin code. This runtime utilizes the Kotlin support in MyBatis Dynamic SQL and enables a fully idiomatic Kotlin experience for creating queries.
  • Updated runtime for MyBatis Dynamic SQL that fully embraces lambdas for supplying where clauses
  • Removal of support for iBatis2
  • Update to Java 8
There are many other enhancements and fixes. Please read the release notes here for details: http://mybatis.org/generator/whatsNew.html

You can also see a list of other bug fixes and enhancements here: https://github.com/mybatis/generator/issues?q=milestone%3A1.4.0

The build artifacts will be available in Maven Central shortly. You can also download them from the GitHub releases page here: https://github.com/mybatis/generator/releases/tag/mybatis-generator-1.4.0

Lastly there is also a new release of the Eclipse plugin. The new release requires Java 8 and Eclipse Oxygen or newer. The plugin is available now on the Eclipse marketplace here: https://marketplace.eclipse.org/content/mybatis-generator. The plugin bundles the new version of the generator and includes a small enhancement related to supplying configuration properties from a launch configuration.

Jeff Butler

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