[ANNOUNCE] MyBatis Dynamic SQL 1.1.2

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[ANNOUNCE] MyBatis Dynamic SQL 1.1.2

Jeff Butler
I'm pleased to announce that MyBatis Dynamic SQL version 1.1.2 is now available. This release includes several enhancements related to increasing user flexibility including:
  1. Database catalogs and schemas can now be supplied at runtime. The enables code to be responsive to different environments, or enabling certain types of sharding
  2. The public API for List based conditions has been changed to support Collection instead of List
  3. The library now supports "offset and fetch first" based paging in addition to "limit and offset". We believe this is more standard and supported by more databases.
  4. Many enhancements related to supporting more complex query scenarios (see below)
By far, the most important enhancements are related to making it easier to create very dynamic select statements with complex where clauses. There is a new page in the online documentation showing the new capabilities here: http://www.mybatis.org/mybatis-dynamic-sql/docs/complexQueries.html

The full list of changes can be viewed here:


All artifacts are available now in Maven central under these coordinates:


Jeff Butler

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